Do you own your property? Willing to rent it out?
Would you like to know more about the services a property management specialist can offer you?

What is rental property management?

Rental management is the complete management of all the operations associated with the rental of a property by a professional for a property owner.
This management is governed by a mandate signed between the two parties and subject to the Hoguet law of January 2, 1970.

Managing properties requires legal, property-based, and financial knowledge and can become tedious and time-consuming. This is why entrusting management to a specialist can be the easiest solution, in particular if you don’t have the time, aren’t on site, or simply don’t want to take care of it yourself.

What we can do for you

Whether it is a flat, house or villa, HA IMMO is at your side at every stage of your project and establishes a link between you and the tenant.
Estimation of the rental value and the service charges, marketing the property, assembling and checking files, finding a tenant, inventory of fixtures, and so on, we take care of it all!

Renting out a property involves numerous (sometimes unforeseen) procedures and operations, that we can carry out for you, in whole or in part (rental value, calculating service charges, repairs, obligatory technical diagnostics by an authorised professional, etc.), so that your rental runs smoothly.

By entrusting the management of your property to us, we ensure you receive personalised and local service, a partnership with local companies, and an insurance policy for unpaid rent (optional); we take care of everything for you.

What are the advantages?

By appointing a professional, you choose:

  • to free yourself from all the administrative tasks (drafting leases, inventory of fixtures, payment notices, rent receipts, supporting documents, etc.)
  • peace of mind, with nothing to manage
  • delegation to a professional, with better expertise 
  • to save time
  • access to the services of a local team, especially if you don’t live close to the property
  • to entrust all the necessary repairs and work (knowledge of local companies and to their expertise, follow-up work, quote requests, etc.)
  • to entrust rent collections, management of potential delays of payment, settling service charges
  • to avoid travelling, in particular for visits or supervising work
  • access to the expertise of a specialist for legal regulations
  • and more

Rental property management relieves owners of a considerable workload, all that’s left for you to do is cash in the rent ...

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Rental Property Management team on +33 (0) 
We will also be pleased to meet you at our office in Capestang, Place de la Révolution.